Sourcing, Recruiting, Managing and on/off-boarding consultants for your temporary domestic and international projects shall become a monotonous and expensive process. We identify, recruit, hire consultants and contractors for you as per your requirement, so you can focus on your core activities to complete your project on time, cost effectively. Our timely and flexible manning solutions shall save your valuable administration time and money. Techmas shall perform as your extended arm to ease your task with regards to all manpower related requirement not limited to, local and state specific compliances, statutory, legal, payroll, taxation etc.,

By availing  to our Contract Staffing and Secondment services, we partner with our customer by sharing their responsibility of supporting and managing their staff team which shall ease the burden of the project owners as we provide a seamless and compliant transition to the remote site and any project location.

We deliver turn-key manpower solutions for projects which includes Global Mobility and Care Services

Inbound Mobilisation (Expatriate to India): including recruitment, Local Payrolling, Visa, Work Permit, Global Insurance, Foreigner Regional Registration (FRR) and other administrative support.

Outbound Mobilisation (Resource from India) for Projects abroad: including recruitment, local Pay rolling, Visa, Work permit, Global Insurance, registration for Social Security/Income Tax and other administrative support.

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