Third party Inspection, sometimes referred to as supplier quality, source inspection, or QC surveillance of all type of Mechanical, Electrical & Instrumentation equipment’s or system plants. It provides the opportunity for early detection of quality issues, thereby minimizing any potential safety, budget and schedule risks resulting from sub-standard work. 

Our Inspection services are provided by highly qualified and extremely competent technical inspectors, fully conversant with the International codes and standards and familiar with legislative requirements, duly qualified and certified for several processes such as Non Destructive Testing, welding inspection, metallurgy, coating inspection, electrical inspection (ATEX / CompEx) and others, with wide experience in process / product inspection; they are severely assessed through our verification scheme and selected from an extensive team of technicians available around the globe.

Our clients’ projects have a dedicated local, office-based coordinator who is responsible for managing all worldwide call-offs in a timely, concise and efficient manner. Our coordinators liaise closely with the client, inspectors and vendors to ensure inspection schedules are set and adhered to; communications are dealt with promptly; and the inspection side of the supply chain process is accurate and transparent.

We give our clients confidence that purchased equipment will arrive to the correct specification, helping to evaluate whether their products comply with all the relevant standards; regulatory, end-user mandated or voluntary and guaranteeing objective and evidence-based results and helping its clients to fulfil their contractual obligations. 


Oil & Gas, Refineries, Petrochemical Plants, Fertilizers, Power Plants, Engineering-Process & Manufacturing, Pipelines, Power & Cement Plants, Power Distribution & Transmission, Pharmaceutical


  • 2EH Tanker Loading System/ Al Bayroni (Sabic) /GULF
  • Al Kafaa Co, Saudi Arabia.
  • Ali Al Nasser Co, Saudi Arabia.
  • Arabiyah & Hasbah Offshore and Onshore Facilities / SAIPEM, S.P.A
  • Audex PTE Ltd, Singapore.
  • BPGIC Fujairah Terminal Project-Phase 1, UAE / Audex PTE Ltd, Singapore.
  • Clean Transportation Fuels at Riyadh Refinery / Samsung Engineering Co. Ltd, Korea.
  • Essar Project Saudi Co Ltd, Saudi Arabia.
  • IBN Sina fuel gas pipeline & Metering station project / GAS Arabian Services Co. Ltd, Saudi Arabia.
  • Integrated Gasification Combined Cycle project-PKG#2/ Saipem S.P.A
  • JAZAN Refinery & Terminal Project (EPC 9) / Hitachi, Ltd., Infrastructure Systems Company, Japan.
  • JAZAN Refinery & Terminal Project / SK Engineering & Construction, Korea.
  • JIGCC Project Utilities & Common Area -Package 5 / AES Arabia Ltd, Saudi Arabia.
  • JIGGC Power Block project (Package#4) / SEPCO Electric Power Construction Co, Saudi Arabia.
  • Jubail Bulk Plant Project / Saudi Aramco
  • Karan project / Snamprogetti, Italy
  • Khafji / Tanajib Sour GAS Handling and compression project/ Target Construction S.A Company
  • Khurias Area Facilities Expansion and SAT. GOSP / Saipem S.P.A
  • KNPC Clean Fuels Project, Kuwait / Applus Velosi, Kuwait.
  • KNPC Clean Fuels Project, Kuwait/ SK Engineering & Construction, Korea
  • Lower Fars Heavy Oil Development Program Phase 1, KOC Project/ KOC, Kuwait.
  • Lube Oil Blending Plant, Singapore / Rotary Engineering Limited, Singapore.
  • Luberef Yanbu Refinery Expansion Project / Samsung Engineering Construction Ltd
  • Ma’dden Aluminium Gas Pipeline Project, KSA / Gulf Consolidated Contractors Co., KSA
  • Maintain Potential Facilities Project Offshore Project / Saipem S.P.A
  • Midyan Gas Processing Facilities Project / L&T LLC
  • North Tank Farm & Loading Arms Facilities South Tank Farm & Facilities / Petrofac, KSA
  • NSRP COMPLEX PROJECT / Technip Geoproduction (M) SdnBhd, Malaysia.
  • NSRP Main project / SK Engineering & Construction Co, Korea.
  • PACO Coal Fired Power Plant Project, USA / SK Engineering & Construction Co, Korea.
  • PanGulf Piping systems, Saudi Arabia.
  • Petronas Rapid Project / Rapid PMC
  • Pipeline Daylighting Phase III – Saudi Aramco / SaudiKad
  • Rabigh-II CP 3/4 Project / GS Engineering & Construction, Korea.
  • Reduce sales gas water content at UGP & SGP gas plants / Target Construction S.A Company
  • Refinery and petrochemical integrated development project / Rapid PMC
  • RGT-2 Terminal Project / Samsung C&T
  • Shaybah Combined Cycle Power Generation Project (CCF) / SK Engineering & Construction Co, Korea.
  • Wasit Cogeneration & Steam Generation Project,Saudi Aramco/Samsung Engg. Construction Ltd
  • Wasit Downstream Pipeline Project / Gulf Consolidated Contractors Co., KSA
  • Wasit Gas Plant, NGL Fractionation Project (Package#4) / SK Engineering & Construction, Korea.
  • Yansab EG DBN project/ Yansab
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