Procurement support is an essential aspect of any business that deals with purchasing goods and services. It is a discipline that involves sourcing, negotiating, and managing relationships with suppliers to ensure the best possible outcomes for your organization.

We provides comprehensive procurement support services to ensure your Direct Materials (Raw Materials) and Indirect Materials (MRO) are delivered on time and as per requirements to your site or warehouse. We enable you to improve the efficiency of your routine procurement engine, so you can focus more on core business operations. We support the entire Procure-to-Pay cycle, or just the steps that you may have challenges with.  Major procurement challenges companies face today are in the purchase transaction process PO processing delays, Lack of order confirmations from vendors, Past due deliveries, Lack of proof of delivery, or other documentation. Such issues can lead to high costs, delay in vendor payments, stress in vendor relationships and overall affects the reliability of the supply chain. 

Our team of Procurement Specialists can support your procurement group, to ensure materials are delivered on-time and optimize cost overheads and necessary QA&QC documentations, so the operation is lean and efficient. Our purchase specialists have expertise in different commodities, as well as engaging with multilingual suppliers across the globe.


Sourcing Support:
  • Identifying alternate sources and distributors.
  • Identifying alternate parts and materials.
  • Order and Contract Management.
  • Vendor onboarding.
Quality Control & Inspection:
  • Proactive inspection.
  • Expertise / experiences not only in reporting accurately the Quality Control matters during manufacturing.
  • Look ahead & recognize potential situations before they develop. 
  • We are confident to offer such expertise & service through our skilled staff that can be invaluable not only the quality of product but also ensure timely delivery. 
Purchasing Support:
  • RFQ/RFI support.
  • Bid equalization.
  • PO processing.


Order Expediting: 
  • Get confirmed delivery schedule.
  • Track key milestones.
  • Verification of documents, validate proof of delivery.


Order Confirmations:
  • Confirm PO acceptance by vendors.
  • Update status and delivery schedule.
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