We believe performing quality vendor compliance assessments is vital to the strength of your vendor management program.

Vendor audits also known as supplier audits allow you to gather important information about a suppliers’ capabilities, machinery, and management systems and help you decide whether they are a company that you want as part of your supply chain.

Our vendor audits are tailored specifically for your sector and organization and look at threats to supplier processes such as

  • Quality management systems
  • Product inspections
  • The capability to deliver
  • Procurement, and corrective actions

Our vendor audit is conducted with respect to your company- or project-specific requirements and/or according to our own assessment scope. We further offer you an extended audit version to include an assessment of vendor quality management. Our audit is typically carried out in the following four phases:

1. Preparation 
Together with the buyer, we complete a technical questionnaire based on each supplier’s profile, references, and a list of specific characteristics.

2. Assessment
After thorough planning and coordination, our auditors conduct on-site examination, audit and assessment of vendors and subcontractors.

3. Evaluation
According to the results of the vendor audits, we provide a customized evaluation matrix based on a traceable and non-discriminating model in order to list suppliers according to their performance and outlining potential areas of weakness and bottlenecks.

 4. Conclusion
Our experts prequalify global suppliers based on the evaluation matrix, preparing a bidder’s shortlist of capable suppliers prior to purchase. Additionally, it is possible to identify sub-standard suppliers and give recommendations to help them improve quality to an acceptable level.

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